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Welcome to where you can anonymously return to the owner missing or stolen items and receive a CASH reward for your efforts.

The following items were recently stolen from a rental customer and need to be recovered:

for your convenience, you can download the following file and print it:
PDF file April 15, 2007 Reward for stolen video and lighting equipment
reward20070415.pdf (216k)

REWARD $2500.00
For information leading to the recovery of the following items:

All of the following items were stolen from Thomas Bradshaw, located near 19639 NW 29 Place, Miami FL 33056, on April 13, 2007 very early in the morning. The equipment was rented by Thomas Bradshaw of Kush Music, 4010 NW 197 Street, Miami FL 33055.

Return this item for a reward
Panasonic HVX200 HD Camera, Serial #E6TC00239-R

Return this item for a reward
Lectrosonic Wireless Mic System,
Model #UCR201 (Serial #722)
Model #UM200B (Serial #1521)

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Kino Flo Lighting Kit With Case. This is a very large and heavy case measuring 55" x 10" x 24".
Kino Flo Shipping Case Kit, #D21155
Kino Flo Stand Adpater, #D20326
Kino Flo Ballast 205, #1543
Kino Flo Ballast VE4Bank, #3513
Kino Flo Fixture 48"X4, #D20329
Kino Flo Fixture 48"X2, #D20330
Kino Flo Fixture 48"X2, #D20328
Cable, Head: Double FIX Series, #D20322
Kino Flo Stand Adapter, #D80073

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Bogen 503 tripod silver

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K-Tek Microphone Boom

Return this item for a reward
2 Panasonic P2 Cards,
Serial #ABD07A0468, #ABD06C1164

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