Dossier on Con Man "Brent Docker" (an alias)

On 8 April 2010 a con man calling himself Brent Docker purchased two $500 American Express gift cards from CVS (probably on South Beach, Miami). He photoshopped out the numbers and had his name from an earlier gift card Personalized "member since 06!" previously purchased from American Express (paid for how?). He then used two real Amex account numbers at PayPal to send nearly $1000 in rental fees in two lots, slightly less than $500 each (the only eyebrow raiser in this transaction). The good looking artwork card was then emailed along with the similarly fabricated New York driver's license (picture IS THE GUY) and a similarly fabricated insurance certificate (the company said it was the best they had seen -- with correct number sequences to validate it but IT WAS ALSO FAKE). We are not done yet. There were carefully fictionalized threads of emails with insurance and production company people emailing back and forth. Every single person is fiction. All the email addresses are bogus. The U-Turn Entertainment name was familiar to the rental staff, so they did not red flag ANY OF THIS. And away 'Docker' went with the three most popular cameras in the world today, back ordered everywhere, plus three high ticket lenses. The serial numbers of the stolen goods are all on file at the NCIC / CJIS computer center at the FBI and on a reward poster at

Chapter Two: Shortly after he rented the cameras he listed them on Craigslist for sale on South Beach for $4000 each. They sold in no time. Our efforts to get an undercover cop to buy them did not work out.

BUT "DOCKER'S" FIRST MISTAKE MIGHT BE THIS: Greedy, not wanting to toss residual money left on the scam-purposed gift cards, "Brent Docker" may have visited the following locations on South Beach to spend every cent:
10 April 2010 Five Guys $6.74
10 April 2010 South Beach Food Market $7.99
10 April 2010 Surf Style $33.15

Whether "Docker" is still hanging around South Beach can be learned by accessing IP information and going to retailers with his picture. Hopefully we can pinpoint sales persons to see if they recall him eating or buying at the locations on more and continuing occasions.

WARNING: Docker will not quit his very specialized, experience-rich, and capable con actions with one rental house.